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Page 4 - Lace Silhouettes:
It's Time for a Bra Intervention!

Bucks County Business in Profile
Page 22 & 23 - Dr. Patrick Murphy, Au.D., M.Ed., CCC-A, FAAA, Murphy Hearing Services
Health & Beauty
Page 5 - Anita M Hair Studio 
One Less Thing to Worry About  
Page 25 - Liebmann Family Law
A New Year: Is This the Time for a Divorce?

Page 26 -
 Shober & Rock: 
Elder Law Questions and Answers 2018 Edition

Personal Concierge Service
Page 6 - Deserve Your Time: 
2018 Wedding Trends for Your Special Day
The Writer's Page
Page 27 - Linda C Wisniewski:
Laura Mitchell Keene: A Woman of Worth

Food & Wine
Page 28 - George Parkinson: 
Try Some Pennsylvania Wines

Page 7 - The Moment Photography 
Graphic Design Professional
Page 37 - Blooming Minds Design:
"Where Creativity Blooms"
Dating Coaching
Page 8 - Healthy Life Planning: 
Look Beyond a Person's Appearance to Find Your Valentine 
Virtual Business Professional
Page 38: Personal Touch Concierge Service:
Upcoming Trends in 2018
Personal Growth & Spirituality
Page 9 - Spirited Life Coaching:
Bring It On
Page 6 - Wear the Wonder - Photo Art Adornments
Professional Cleaning Service
Page 10 - You've Got MAIDS:
A Queen for All Seasons

Page 27 - UBCC: Growing Upper Bucks EXPOtential, Career Fair & Biz Expo
Page 39 - Golden Design
Page 39 - Bucks County Alive
Page 39 - Top of the Line Design
Real Estate
Page 11 - Ask the Professional - Sue Jones on Real Estate

Page 40 - Reggies PC Resources:
Maintaining Your Computer
Page 40 - Per Diem:
Connect - Collaborate - Cowork

Arts & Leisure
Page 12 - Mercer Museum, African American Quilts
Page 12 - Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, Bucks Fever Talent Show

Get Connected
Page 43:

Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce
Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce

Sisters U


Art Gallery
Page 13 - Silverman Gallery: 
Celebrate 7th Birthday with March Exhibition

Back Cover
Page 44 - Nicole Goss Photography

Health & Medicine

Page 14 -
 Dr Benjamin Lam, Lam Plastic Surgery:
Body Contouring at Its Coolest

Page 15 - WWS Physical Therapy & Vestibular Rehabilitation:
Sleep: Another Vital Sign for Good Health

Page 16
- Doylestown Women's Health Center: 
Exercise During Pregnancy

Page 17 - St. Mary Medical Center
Breast Cancer: Know Your risk

Page 18 Pamela Ginsberg, Licensed Psychologist:
Quieting the Mind

Page 18 - JDS Therapeutics, LLC
Relizen - Safe, Effective, Non-Hormonal Relief for Menopausal Hot Flashes

Page 19 - Skin Smart Dermatology & Skin Care Center:
When It Comes to Melanoma, Skin Examinations Saves Lives
Page 20 - Holy Redeemer HealthCare
Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease

Page 21 - Penn Foundation:
Staying Close to Our Daughters During the Teen Years

Page 24
- Murphy Hearing Services: 
You Will Waste Your Time, But Don't Waste Your Charm

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