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Page 4 - Lace Silhouettes:
It's All About the Bra

Bucks County Business in Profile
Page 22 & 23 - Oxygen Oasis Hyperbaric Wellness Center

Bridal Couture
Page 5 - L & H Couture: 
To Be or Note to Be a Princess

Page 27 - Shober & Rock: 
Elder Law for Baby Boomers?  Is it a Thing?

Personal Concierge Service
Page 6 - Deserve Your Time: 
Happy Engagement Day!
Navigating Through Divorce
Page 28 - Divorce U Solutions:
Are You Being Bullied in Divorce?

Home Organizing Expert
Page 7 - simply B organized:
5 Tips for Organizing Your Tax Documents
Financial Planning
Page 29 - Michael Pultro / Pultro Financial Management:
A Different Kind of Gift

Dating Coaching
Page 8 - Healthy Life Planning: 
Do's & Don'ts for Creating a Great Valentines Day as a Single
 Virtual Business Professional
Page 30: Personal Touch Concierge Service:
Tech Predictions for 2017
Personal Growth & Spirituality
Page 9 - Spirited Life Coaching:
Bring It Onl
Page 31 - Heart & Soul Portraits

Healing Through Nature
Page 10 - Susan Talia deLone, Ph.d:
What the Trees Can Teach Us

Food & Wine
Page 32 - George Parkinson: 
Organic Wine

Page 33 - Edible Arrangements: 
Valentine's Day Specials for Those You Love

Real Estate
Page 11 - Ask the Professional - Sue Jones on Real Estate

Page & Stage
Page 34 - Linda C Wisniewski:
From Romance to Mystery: Author Nancy Martin
Page 34 - Hamilton Dramaturgy: 
Playwriting - Like Raising a Puppy
Home Mortgage Provider
Page 12 - Eagle Home Mortgage
Divorce and Your Home
Page 12 - UBCC Small Business Expo & Conference

Professional Cleaning Service
Page 13 - You've Got MAIDS:
A Clean Home and a Full Heart
Page 39 - Reggies PC Resources:
Use Safer Practices While Online

Page 39 - Per Diem:
Traveling & Co-Working ... Who Knew!

Arts & Leisure
Page 14 - Mercer Museum: 
Exhibit - Gather Up the Fragments
Page 14 - CBCC Presents: 
Bucks Fever Talent Show

Page 40 - Golden Design
Page 40 - Bucks County Alive
Page 40 - Top of the Line Design

Art Gallery
Page 15 - Silverman Gallery: 
Enjoy Art and Nature

Get Connected

Healthy Living
Page 16 - Get In Shape for Women: 
Spring into Shape

Health & Medicine
Page 17 - Oxygen Oasis, A Center for Healing: 
Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Famer Brian Popp Treats with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Page 18 - WWS Physical Therapy & Vestibular Rehabilitation:
Craniosacral Therapy & Myofascial Release Effective for Pain

Page 19 -
 Dr Benjamin Lam, Lam Plastic Surgery: 
New Year ... New You!

Page 20 Pamela Ginsberg, Licensed Psychologist:
Defining a New Standard of Beauty for Women

Page 21 Penn Foundation:
Wellness: What is it Really and What Works?

Page 24 - Doylestown Women's Health Center: 
Exercise During Pregnancy

Page 25- Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates:
ReShape TM, the Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure

Page 26 - Murphy Hearing Services: 
Courtesy, Understanding and Responsibility

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